John’s Plan for a Better Rock Hill Includes You!

Fixing roads & reducing traffic delays

  • More major road projects to improve traffic flow are designed and funded to begin construction including a commitment from the S. C. Department of Transportation to Mayor Gettys to make improvements on heavily traveled Dave Lyle Blvd.
  • Other work is scheduled on the southside of town, in the downtown area and on Celanese, India Hook, Cel-River and Red River roads.
  • The new I-77 interchange resulting from the arrival of the Carolina Panthers headquarters will allow for optimal traffic movement in the area once the project is completed.
  • The state of South Carolina, responsible for many streets in Rock Hill, is spending more money on repaving existing roads than ever before.
  • John Gettys was instrumental in getting Lige/Frank Streets added to the list of road improvement projects for the county, the first and only neighborhood street on the southside included in any of the four Pennies for Progress programs run by York County.

Improving public safety

  • Public safety is a top priority for John, our City Council and City Management and they are reviewing and implementing many new approaches.
  • A Citizens Review Board (CRB) providing citizen-led input into public safety and policing issues has been appointed by City Council and is developing an operational plan that will be presented to Council later this year. John is committed to improving public dialog and community race relations through the CRB and other ongoing efforts.
  • Five additional police officers have been added to the police force with in the last five years.
  • The downtown police zone created this year results in more police presence in that area without taking officers away from coverage across the community.
  • Soon the city will install license plate readers that allow the police to identify cars that may be wanted in relations to previous offenses; these also will be helpful in ongoing investigations.
  • Police officers are resuming neighborhood meetings to interact with citizens and learn more about their concerns.

Providing opportunities for all citizens

  • John always considers in every situation if the action the City is taking is fair for all people. He works daily on improving race relations and was one of the initiators of the No Room for Racism Committee in Rock Hill in 1998.
  • The Clinton ConNEXTion Plan identifies opportunities for public investment in the southside historic neighborhoods of Rock Hill to jump start additional economic revitalization. City Council will be addressing funding for this effort in the next few months. John’s goal is to ensure that the prosperity coming to our community is available to all of our citizens.

Ensuring wise spending decisions

  • Rock Hill is known for its strong and steady economic foundation. That includes keeping taxes low and always making wise spending decisions with our public tax dollars. The City has not raised taxes during John’s four years as mayor.
  • The City aggressively seeks out state and federal grants to leverage other funds. Recent grants have helped underwrite the city’s new bus system and the addition of 15 more fire fighters along with providing funds to help with pandemic relief.
  • Managing efficiently, Rock Hill’s employee-to-citizen ratio continues to be lower than cities of comparable size.
  • Anticipating our city’s growth, Rock Hill recently completed up-fitting its water plant to increase water capacity.
  • Further investing in infrastructure, upgrades to the City’s wastewater treatment plant are planned to take place over the next several years. These improvements will give the city an advantage accommodating expected business investment and accompanying residential growth.

Making housing more affordable

  • John Gettys believes every day someone is living in poverty is a day wasted; he’s committed to doing more to help all citizens prosper. Finding a safe, clean and comfortable place to live is a first step for low and moderate-income persons.
  • Rock Hill continues to see success in affordable housing initiatives through the work of the Housing Development Corporation of Rock Hill and other cooperative ventures.
  • In order to encourage affordable housing in the downtown area the City is allowing for building duplexes, triplexes and other alternatives to single family residential.
  • City Council also has passed a policy that requires developers who are buying City property or seeking City incentives to build apartments to include affordable workforce housing units in its developments.

Creating more jobs

  • Over 1,200 new businesses have been licensed in Rock Hill while John Gettys has been mayor.
  • To assist businesses, the City has cut the business license fees for 94 percent of our businesses.
  • Rock Hill’s “Open for Business” initiative has helped streamline processes to help small businesses more easily navigate city regulations.
  • Aspen Business Park is under construction to add to the City’s collection of industrial parks.
  • Entrepreneurship is encouraged through the Black Economic Leadership League and other initiatives.

Helping citizens during the pandemic

  • Through John’s leadership the City implemented numerous programs during the pandemic that helped soften its economic impact.
  • Steps included stopping penalties for late payment of utility bills for almost a year; utility assistance program for small businesses; and awarding funds to local support agencies to help qualified citizens with food, childcare and housing needs.
  • Additionally available were small business low interest loans to help cover expenses such as rent, accounts payroll, etc.
  • When vaccines were available, the City launched a clinic in partnership with others in the community that administered over 50,000 covid vaccines. The clinic had over 1,600 volunteers and averaged over 900 shots a day. The effort won a “Community Hero” award from the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control for the exceptional efforts of the first community-driven effort to vaccinate South Carolinians.