Endorsements for John Gettys

“As a conservative, I support the re-election of John Gettys. John is a husband, father, a man of faith – totally dedicated to keeping the best of Rock Hill while working for our families, helping ALL to prosper.

When you consider who’s the most qualified and a proven public servant, I’m sure you’ll agree that John Gettys is the right choice to be Mayor of Rock Hill. “


Amy Bigham Faulkenberry
Business Leader and Community Volunteer

“John is a man of integrity, a man of action and a man who always keeps his word.
When considering the candidates in this race ask yourself: what have they really done to make our city better?

John Gettys works every day for all the people in our community. We have a good thing going in Rock Hill and we need to maintain the momentum.”


Rev. Gary Walton

“As a physician, I’ve seen many patients sick with Covid and both of my parents died of the virus before vaccines were available. During the pandemic, I saw Mayor Gettys bring together the city, our hospital, the chamber of commerce and others to launch a clinic to administer over 50,000 vaccinations. What he did saved so many lives.

John Gettys shows tremendous leadership and vision to care for ALL our community. Rock Hill needs John Gettys as mayor.”


Tracy Timony M.D.
“It’s been my privilege to serve on Rock Hill City Council for over 25 years. I’ve been able to see John Gettys up close both as a councilman and as mayor.

As most folks know, I watch very closely what the city is doing with our money and resources. I find it totally irresponsible for a candidate for mayor to spread untruths when they discuss how our city operates.

John Gettys tells the truth. Please join me in voting for John Gettys for mayor.”


Kevin Sutton
Ward 3
Rock Hill City Council
“John Gettys executes transformative initiatives to build sustainable infrastructure and wealth in our community. Through his work and determination our city is thriving.

I support John’s vigorous efforts on behalf of ALL citizens by starting the My Ride free bus service, working hard to stimulate business on the southside of Rock Hill, supporting the Clinton ConNEXTion plan, trying to find solutions to make housing more affordable, and working to bring thousands of new jobs to our community.

Let’s keep Rock Hill on the march to further success. ”


Twana Burris-Alcide

“I’ve been part of the Rock Hill community for over 30 years most of this time helping small businesses and individuals with their financial needs. I’m voting for John Gettys for mayor for countless reasons–many tied to his understanding and support of business.

Initiatives launched while John has been mayor include cutting business license fees, streamlining processes to help small businesses, encouraging entrepreneurship, and programs to soften impact of the pandemic.

Businesspeople – small and large – need for John Gettys to continue as mayor.”


Lee Gardner
Retired Professional
“I’ve had the opportunity to see first-hand that Mayor John Gettys cares about our young. He’s always asking the #1 question, ‘Is it good for the children?’

John Gettys was the spark launching the Early Learning Partnership promoting child literacy. Now there’s Miracle Park–the list of good things for children goes on and on. John Gettys knows for a community to thrive – all our young must thrive as well. For his long time, active support of our children…and for dozens of other reasons… I urge you to vote to re-elect Mayor John Gettys. ”


Ouida Dest
“Having Rock Hill designated a ‘Purple Heart City’ is important to all veterans. This action illustrates the interest Mayor John Gettys and our City Council have for those of us who have served our country in the military.

As a veteran, I encourage voting for John Gettys to continue as Mayor. John Gettys has supported and attended numerous veteran activities in Rock Hill & surrounding areas. He not only says he supports our veterans, but he is also there in person, always understanding and encouraging.

He has supported us veterans and now it is our opportunity to support him. Please vote to re-elect John Gettys on Tuesday, October 19th.”


Harvey Mayhill
USAF 1961-1965
“I’ve had the privilege of representing the people of Rock Hill in the State House in Columbia for almost 30 years.

I’m supporting John Gettys for re-election as mayor. He is tremendously effective cutting through the politics of the day to benefit all our citizens.

John is able to work with everyone regardless of party affiliation or personal beliefs to move our community forward. He’s a large part of the successes we’ve enjoyed in Rock Hill over the past four years.”


Gary Simrill
South Carolina House of Representatives